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New ArtMind Series PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 February 2009 19:05


Partnering with Laura Fredrickson from Internal Design Coaching, c3 will be hosting a monthly gathering aimed at supporting individual creatives in their work through coaching, networking and group support.

The series is about to start soon, so make sure you are on our newsletter or RSS feed and will know about the launch.

IONS Magazine article on Art, Science and Consciousness PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 00:47


Visions From the Techno-Mystic Edge by c3 founder Kate McCallum

Shift magazine, issue #20 "Art, Science and Consciousness," a publication of The Institute for Noetic Sciences.'   

"This highly informative article surveys the mind-blowing intersection of brain science, digital technology, and the visual arts.  From fractal biofeedback software to virtual-reality immersions, media makers today are crossing a threshold of creative expression as they explore new ways to engage human beings at deeper levels."     

Read the article here

Visit for more information about IONS and how to become a member.

Saturday, March 8, 7pm-2am: BrainPaint at Create:Fixate PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 February 2008 14:45
Bill Scott will be demonstrating BrainPaint together with Winter Lazerus at Create:Fixate's Transformation event. 

Also featured at this event will be screenings of BAM/c3’s stunning new visual music “Animeditation” © METASPHERE: AN ALTERED STATE OF HEART by visual artist James Guy and composer Brian Thomas Lambert.

Create:Fixate is an organization dedicated to elevating the importance and accessibility of art and music through education. They provide opportunities for emerging artists to create, perform, and sell their work through mixed medium exhibitions. For more information, please go to:

Create:Fixate was also just featured in the LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN NEWS

Windows on the Mind - ASSC11 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 August 2007 21:15

Founded in 1994, the ASSC is the only international scholarly, scientific membership organization specifically devoted to the study of consciousness and its related issues. Members are drawn from the disciplines of psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience, and the society welcomes all scholars with a serious academic interest in the study of consciousness.

The ASSC organizes annual scientific meetings in North America, Europe and Asia. For information about the most recent meeting visit
As with all ASSC conferences, contributed papers are welcome on all topics relevant to the rigorous study of consciousness.

In addition to the annual meeting, the ASSC publishes the online journal PSYCHE which publishes articles, runs email discussion lists on the topic of consciousness, and holds an international competition for the best paper by a new researcher in the field of consciousness studies.

The ASSC has also created the ASSC eprint archive a new electronic archive of consciousness related journal articles, book chapters, conference presentations and other miscellaneous items.

c3's member and co-founder Kate McCallum attended the July 2008 conference held in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to ask Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD, the Director of the Laboratory of Visual Neuroscience Division of Neurobiology, the following questions...

c-realm interviews PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 July 2007 11:06
Founder philip horvath and board member Bill Scott were both recently interviewed for the c-realm podcast (c stands for Consciousness) Episode 49 - Part 1: The Dharma of Conscious Creativity.

In this episode, philip presents some of the current thinking around c3, the conscious business model behind it, the metrics around business dharma, and some of the planned activities.
And finally, KMO, the host of c-realm, talks with BrainPaint creator, Bill Scott, about the potential of EEG biofeedback technology for ADD therapy, meditation, and self-improvement.
The Transformational Power of Sound&Vision: Part One - Creative Ecstacy PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 April 2007 22:20
c3 - Transformatinal Power of Sound&Vision - Dr. Stephen Hoeller The opening of our three-part series "The Transformational Power of Sound&Vision" was a great success. A brilliant introduction by Dr. Stephen Hoeller on "Creative Ecstacy - Art and the Altering of Consciousness" was followed by a gorgeous presentation of John Banks' and Fritz Heede's "Ritual Path" Visual-Music DVD in 5.1 surround sound. The evening was crowned with a delightful performance of the bonus track "Blue Eye", composed and augmented live by c3's Noa Winter Lazerus. In the beautiful atmosphere of the Theosophical Society's lodge which we are so grateful to be using, with it's stained glass windows, enveloping sound and beautiful energy, this was yet another special event. People stayed on for food, drink and community long into the evening. Inspirational. One could not asked for more...

The next two events are coming up fast as well and should be equally exciting. Dwight Loop's piece "Hunab Ku" on May 12, should be quite fascinating. He will project images onto a large helium baloon while playing music. The theme is the Mayan Calendar and 2012.
The performance will be introduced by Dr. Stephen Hoeller.

On June 9, we will feature a world-premiere experiment with UCLA's neuro-science researcher Bill Scott, who developed software to translate EEG brain signals into fractal graphics and sound. We are planning an extravagant live performance recording event with composer Noa Winter Lazerus, who will play music with his brain and hands...
Science of Peace Conference PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 October 2006 09:57

c3 founders Kate McCallum and Philip Horvath recently attended a conference hosted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) held in Oakland, California.  The conference was a special, invitation-only project centered around the Science of Peace (www.scienceofpeace).  McCallum, as a consultant and Associate Producer, helped bring together the Science of Peace filmmakers with IONS scientists, who are serving as Scientific Consultants on the project.

Movies On a Mission PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 September 2006 19:50

c3 co-founder Kate McCallum was recently interviewed for Shift magazine's article, Movies on a Mission, which explores the evolving genre of films that hail a metaphysical message.  From full-length feature films to documentaries, author Matthew Gilbert highlights this niche and its growing audience.

Read the full article here.

Where two or more are gathered... PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 October 2005 13:36

Kate McCallum with Marc Vicente, Olivia Barham, James O'Dea, and conference participantsWhat a weekend! The SCWC/c3 writers' conference was an amazing success. And what a wonderful synergy of creative, visionary, passionate and talented people -- all aspiring to help transform and change the world through story, media, music and art!

Panelists such as the president of IONS, James O'Dea, Participant Productions’ Chris Adams, actor/director LeVar Burton, KPFK radio show host Lisa Garr, and keynote speakers such as Mark Vicente writer and director of WHAT THE BLEEP, the prolific and talented author/writer Greg Rucka, "Celestine Prophecy's" author/screenwriter James Redfield, and many more, all contributed their time and energy to help make the conference an inspirational, visionary and informative event. Representatives of (it) magazine, The Harmony Channel, and the Writer's Store all contributed their time and efforts to bring purpose, information, fun and entertainment to the weekend, and of course, all the workshop leaders and volunteers, who so beautifully added their energy and wisdom, made the event just spectacular. And -- an additional thank-you to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, ETHOS WATER, SCR(I)PT MAGAZINE, LA YOGA MAGAZINE, and the INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES for their contributions of publications or goods as gifts to the event participants.

One of c3's primary missions is to bring consciousness experts and organizations together with artists, media makers and content creators in order to create dialogue and synergy towards the creation of more transformational art and media. The 2005 LA SCWC/c3 conference stands as a tremendous reflection of that mission and we look forward to continuing to add more events like this to our upcoming endeavors...

For a lovely article on the conference written by Robin Palmer for the Yogi Times, click here.

"The conference was a gathering of creative spirits exploring how science, consciousness and spirituality are more than fashionable themes to work with, they may spur a deeper cultural shift and collective transformation than we suspect. There was a sense  that our imagination may contain the mythic and narrative power to draw the human story to its next evolutionary level and so there was a charge and an air of magnified purpose in which the artist and writer begins to understand just how important their work is in the scale of things.  Such gatherings remind us our tribe is growing and that the best stories are just about to come your way!"

James O’Dea,President Institute Of Noetic Sciences



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