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" We cannot escape problems by denying them or running away from the decisions which they require. There is only one permanent remedy for any critical situation: We must outgrow it. The moment we are bigger than the problem, it ceases, and can never return. If, however, we attempt to evade a problem, it will come back time after time to plague us. Would it not, then, be wise to make growth our reason for living? Let us master whatever skill or ability is necessary, so that we can do our work well and without fear or worry. As we grow, we also find that increased knowledge and understanding bestow new dimensions upon commonplace activities. Life is more wonderful as we understand it. We experience real joy in doing things well as we become skilful and self-confident. "

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Thursday, 26 July 2007 11:06
Founder philip horvath and board member Bill Scott were both recently interviewed for the c-realm podcast (c stands for Consciousness) Episode 49 - Part 1: The Dharma of Conscious Creativity.

In this episode, philip presents some of the current thinking around c3, the conscious business model behind it, the metrics around business dharma, and some of the planned activities.
And finally, KMO, the host of c-realm, talks with BrainPaint creator, Bill Scott, about the potential of EEG biofeedback technology for ADD therapy, meditation, and self-improvement.