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" Most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness, and of their soul's resources in general, much like a man, who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into a habit of using and moving only his little finger. Great emergencies and crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we had supposed. "

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Friday, 20 February 2009 19:06

The c3: VisionLAB has been created to facilitate the creation of a Global Arts and Media Node in partnership with the Millennium Project, a global futures think tank.  The goals of the VisionLAB are to; explore and research future trends in the arts, media and entertainment, to assist in the dissemination of research and solutions addressing 15 global challenges found in the Millennium Project's annual report publication THE STATE OF THE FUTURE.