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" I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. "

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c3 is about providing and sharing resources.  Over the last five years prototyping this organization, we have started a directory of people, organizations, and transmedia, which we think compliments our pursuit of authentic self-expression.

This is a work in progress.  We are always looking for more links to add to this directory.  If you would like to add your organization, website, or transmedia project link, please feel free to do so via the Add Entry function.  We have transfered over the content from our prior site. While we have taken care in doing so, some of the links might be out-of-date or might need new descriptions. Please contact us with any change requests.

We have categorized each resource according to three criteria: area, focus and type.


Area of operation

  • Arts and Media - Primary focus is the fostering or development or art or media
  • Conscious Creativity - This area focused on the concept of willful change. You will find resources relating to hermetic traditions, magick, anything relating to willful change
  • Consciousness Studies - Research and findings on consciousness, educational facilities, psychology resources
  • Healing Arts - Exploring old and new techniques of healing and becoming whole
  • New Paradigms in Science - Research pertaining to the nature of reality, quantum phyisics, new cutting edge technologies
  • Socio-Economic Change - Resources relating to bringing about global transformation in business and politics


  • Community - Primary focus is building community, networking, connecting individuals
  • Events - Event production, workshops, classes, etc.
  • Content - Primarily focused on the production and/or distribution of transmedia content
  • Consulting - Providing or exchanging services, coaching, consulting, etc.



  • Organization - An organization, business, social enterprise, etc.
  • People - Outstanding individuals, artists, coaches, speakers, etc.
  • Transmedia - Content such as films