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" Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. "

Walter Anderson


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Community is at the heart of c3. While most of our events have a specific focus, from time to time we get the community together to meet each other, to exchange, communicate, celebrate... just 'cause...

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c3 invites: Brewery ArtWalk April 18

Time is going quick and the bi-annual ArtWalk is approaching. We are busy preparing for the launch of our community site and membership. We had a wonderful event last Saturday with Casting Director Susan Johnston. Thank you to everyone who came. A truly transformational experience. Below is a response from one of the participants:
"Your seminar was the best education I've ever received in both the craft and business of acting. Your blunt honesty was exactly what I've always hoped for from every acting class, casting director workshop, or anything of the sort I've ever participated in, and I know my craft and career have benefited greatly from it. During the seminar, you gave me the most important piece of advice I've received to date." Ian Tran
Brewery ArtWalk PDF Print E-mail
We are opening our new location for the first time for the bi-annual Brewery ArtWalk. The ArtWalk is quite an event and highly recommended. Hundreds of artists will open up their studios for display and sell their art.

c3 will present its new strategy and some of its friends and clients throughout the day and into the evening, including Bill Scott and his BrainPaint software, live music, meditation...

The ArtWalk itself is from 11-6pm. We will be hosting most of our friends toward the later part and into the evening.

600 Moulton Ave
Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 90031
c3 at the Spring Brewery ArtWalk PDF Print E-mail
c3 at the Brewery ArtWalk 
c3 Solstice Celebration: Is Astrology Relevant for the 21st Century? PDF Print E-mail
c3 Solstice Celebration: Is Astrology Relevant for the 21st Century?
c3 at the Brewery ArtWalk Nov 1 PDF Print E-mail
Brewery ArtWalk
The Brewery ArtWalk is a twice annual open studio weekend at the worlds largest art colony. Each ArtWalk, over 100 resident artists participate. During this event, you will have the opportunity to see new works, discover new favorites, speak with the artists and purchase artworks directly from the artists at studio prices.

Date: November 1st and 2nd (eve event on 1st only)
Time: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Venue: c3 at the Brewery
Address & directions:
600 Moulton Ave
Suite 204A
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Click here for directions

c3 will be hosting an evening with art, poetry, soup and consciousness immediately following the ArtWalk on November 1st!

Admission is free and so is parking. Come support LA's finest artists, take home some great works and and come by c3 to enjoy the company of a conscious and creative community...