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" Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. "

Khalil Gibran


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ArtMind was conceived as a series to support creators with practical knowledge on how to turn visions, ideas and insights into material artifacts, be it books, movies, CD's, or new media for which names still have to be found...

c3 ArtMind: The Business of Acting PDF Print E-mail

with Casting Director and Author Susan Johnston

Breaking through barriers that prevent you from getting cast.

In this seminar we will also go through the entire audition process; using sides from our current casting project, Patrick Street, and learn how to analyze a character; create a back-story; use your emotions; sense memory; and life experience to create a viable character and make your audition stand out!

You will also learn how to properly submit and market yourself for Film; TV; and Theater. Learn to package yourself and your talent to launch yourself to the career you desire.

Location: c3 at the Brewery, 600 Moulton Ave, Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Class Fee: $35

Date and Time: April 4, 10am-1pm


Included FREE is THE Resource book for actors in Los Angeles: and seminar workbook



c3 ArtMind: Internal Design PDF Print E-mail

A monthly coaching forum which will awaken, inform, nourish, inspire and actualize our fullest expression as creative professionals.

On the fourth Sunday of every month, coach Laura Fredrickson invites you to a group coaching call. With guest speakers, live coaching, discussions and networking, this ArtMind series is geared to support you in your authentic self-expression.

Laura Fredrickson (founder of Internal Design Coaching) -  has been coaching with a wide array of individuals spanning the last 7 years.

As an ICF accredited coach, Laura has offered her services to a multitude of clients including environmental organizations, corporate executives,non-profit foundations, artists and entertainment industry professionals.

Laura’s approach engages a bias to working with Universal principles to support the positive unfoldment and creative potential that is seeking to emerge in each of her clients.  She is noted for her ability to support her clients in staying true to their hearts and living the lives they were born for.

Inspired by the understated importance of expressing the art that lives within each of us, Laura has now turned her focus primarily on coaching Creative professionals and the success of the artist.

Location: Bridge Telephone Conference

Class Fee and signup: contact laura at

Date and Time: Every fourth Sunday, 3:30pm-5pm


c3 ArtMind: Practical Application of Sacred Geometry PDF Print E-mail
c3 ArtMind Sacred Geometry
c3 ArtMind: Getting Your Book Published PDF Print E-mail

c3 ArtMind: Immersion - The Co-Creative Matrix PDF Print E-mail

c3 ArtMind: Introduction to Grantwriting PDF Print E-mail

c3 ArtMindMany artists and conscious creators are struggling with finances, accept day jobs that keep them from making their art full-time, and don't know that funding is available for them.

This workshop is designed to provide visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers and film/media artists with practical approaches to the research and writing skills required for the development of effective grants proposals.

Workshop participants will gain introductory knowledge of the grant-writing process and learn the steps required to secure private and/or government funding. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on grant proposals they are in the process of writing. The workshop will focus on individual artist proposals, but organizational funding and sponsorship will be covered as well.

This will be an interactive workshop, and all participants are encouraged to bring along any materials, writing samples, proposals, etc. that they may wish to discuss.

Wednesday, January 23, 7pm-9pm

c3 at the Brewery
600 Moulton Ave
Suite 204A
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Tickets are $20 and will be available at the door.

c3 ArtMind: Start 2008 All Lit Up! PDF Print E-mail


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