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" Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully. "

Richard Bach


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c3whiteThe c3 logo was created after a powerful visualization exercise experienced by the founding group when asked what the vision of the organization looked like.  Aritst Terry Rosson executed the design from the original which was scratched out on a whiteboard.  It was created to symbolically represent the philosophical makeup of the organization, the four wings of activities of the c3 and the inner four the think tank LABS, the c3: VisionLAB, the CreateLAB, the MindLAB and the TechLAB, which in turn makes the entire logo dynamic, describing c3 appropriately as a metaprocess.

The four outer wings respectively represent:

  • Community
  • Events
  • Content
  • Consulting and Education

The four inner wings respectively represent:

  • c3:  VisionLAB
  • c3:  CreateLAB
  • c3:  MindLAB
  • c3:  TechLAB

The four areas are further representative of the elements; water, fire, air and earth, the four-fold human body (physical, emotional, mental, energetic) and many other perennial symbols and categorizations.

The intersection of these found at the center of the logo can be symbolically represented as the "All-Seeing Eye."