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" Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. "

Marianne Williamson


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To create a better future through arts, media and entertainment...

The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity is a unique arts and media interdisciplinary research, education and project development organization founded in 2004 to provide artists, media makers, content creators, and other interested individuals, a platform and resources to explore consciousness, creativity, emerging culture, and entertainment and communication technologies.
The organization has evolved and is now in a stage of new growth emerging as a global non-profit 501 (c3) (pending) research and education organization focused on the study of future trends in arts, media and entertainment, as well as creativity, consciousness and the synergy between the two -- resulting in the transformative power of creativity for the individual, culture and society.
c3 is a foundation and center focused on:
  • Expanding research and understanding of creativity, consciousness studies and the merger of the two
  • Researching future trends in the arts, media and entertainment fields.
  • Advocating information and resources to the creative community from the work of The Millennium Project and the 15 Global Challenges and Solutions addressed in their publication the STATE OF THE FUTURE annual report.
  • Tracking and encouraging science-based research into the effects of the media and arts on consciousness
  • Educating and supporting the creative community and individuals and institutions aligned with the mission of c3 and mentoring and educating youth
  • Establishing and supporting cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking
  • Providing individuals with resources to optomize their creativity, activate their unique "genius" and achieve their highest potential as creators through exploring and developing alternative "inner practices"
  • Educating the public on conscious creativity and the power of communication, arts and media to transform
c3 has created experimental "Labs" as silos for its initiatives.  The c3: VisionLAB is an arts and media think tank and collective which facilitates research, education, collaboration and the pragmatic implementation of projects including; arts, new media and communications to guide the future application of innovation and creativity and their conscious use in fostering global change.  In January of 2010 the c3 was invited by The Millennium Project to chair and assist in the creation of a Global Arts and Media Node.  For more information visit

Arts and Media can expand our vision or awe us with beauty, but the evolution of the arts and media in today's society has taken on even more profound dimensions.  Art and Media have the power to inspire, communicate and transform on a mass scale.  They play a crucial role in forming and reflecting public opinion, connecting the world to individuals and reproducing the image of society.  Especially today, in our highly connected technological world, the power of creativity can provoke thought, activate deep insights, communicate ideas, generate awareness and inspire actions that have the capacity to impact global communities.

Our need to express and create is powerful.  It provokes experimentation and inspires artistic cultural expressions.  These cultural expressions are taking on a new shape and meaning in contemporary society.  Not only is the role of art and media in accelerating transformation and social change becoming more evident, but as we have become more globally connected it is also becoming clear that the process of creating art and media and sharing it is just as powerful as the art and content itself.  The transformative practice of the creative process can generate new ideas and inspiration that in turn will develop new leaders and voices for the movement of change.  The future of Art and Media is critically important to society.  Art and creativity and storytelling stirs the soul, ignites the mind and can awaken the spirit of new leadership.

As reflected in the c3 logo, the c3 supports the following activities:

  • Social Networking and Community, both virtual and literal with the belief that it is through group collective energy that we can become most effective, and that through community and collaboration we can expand our resources to help each other fulfill those dreams, visions and goals that as individuals we are often limited to experience.  This collective provides an experimental social networking resource, a distribution model, a social based collective for change, and a like-minded niche audience of those interested in the betterment of the Self and the planet.  Visit to join.
  • Events;   From educational to inspirational and expressive to cognitive, c3 hosts and promotes concerts, screenings, art shows and exhibits, workshops, lectures and networking gatherings, as well as conferences and symposiums that reflect the philosophies it stands for.   We also provide a platform and promotional support for members who wish to produce their own classes, workshops or events.  See event section for more specific information.
  • Content;  Digital content is created and archived from c3 events.  We offer development and production consulting services and create original content and co-productions with our membership.   The c3 community site offers the membership a place to promote their activities and content, adding a distribution model to the organization that benefits all. 

  • Education and Consulting;   Services are available for youth, individuals and organizations.  c3 endorsed consulting services are dedicated to transformation, consciousness, creativity and innovation, and the use of technologies to enhance the human experience.   The consultants and services it endorses, provided by both its founders and its membership, holds these guiding principals. 

  • R&D; Additionally, c3 has at its core various experimental and research LABS evolving.  The c3: VisionLAB is a cutting-edge research and project development think tank focused on emerging innovation and futures trends in arts, media and communication technologies and their use to create and drive solutions for global challenges.  The c3: CreateLAB has been designed as an R&D performance and experimental creativity LAB currently based in the Vortex Dome Theatre.  The c3: MindLAB is a think tank is dedicated to research and explorations into neuroaesthetics, transpersonal psychology, creativity and innovation theory and education methodology, emerging new science and consciousness studies as related to creativity and the evolution of the human potential.
c3 is an organization built by its members for its members.  It values and holds at its core a process-based inquiry and has been created to stay aware of and adapt to these rapidly changing times.   The c3 is dedicated to function and support its community as the community dictates by continually evaluating what the needs are of the group and then adapting itself as much as possible to serve those needs.
Ultimately, the idea that we are all truly One, and that service to such is our primary goal as evolved humans, is the guiding principal of conscious creativity and it is that which we uphold as our essential philosophical position.